Who's Counting? A Lean Accounting Business Novel (Winner of the Shingeo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence)


By Jerrold M. Solomon

Who's Counting?, by Jerrold M. Solomon, is a business novel that for the first time, explains how accounting and manufacturing personnel must develop a partnership to successfully achieve world class results. This novel takes readers on a successful "Lean Journey", and illustrates how to bring accounting practices into the 21st century in order to compete in today's global market. A must read for all those interested in successfully implementing lean accounting! Jerry Solomon and Rosemary Fullerton's latest book, "Accounting for World Class Operations: A Practical Guide for Providing Information in Support of the Lean Enterprise" is an excellent follow-up book to Who's Counting?. The authors provide a roadmap for moving from a traditional standard cost system to a simple accounting system that provides appropriate information for a Lean Manufacturing Environment.

Hardback, 248 Pages


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Category: accounting, books

Type: Book


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