Facilitator Biographies

Larry Rubrich, PE

Larry Rubrich

Larry Rubrich has over 35 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing in the automotive, industrial, and consumer products areas. He has held the positions of product engineer, chief product engineer, product manager, customer service manager, area manufacturing manager, continuous improvement manager, and general manager with Fortune 100 corporations.  

Larry’s passion for lean developed in 1987, when he spent time in Japan studying Japanese management and manufacturing techniques. He worked directly with a top-level Japanese consulting group hired by a U.S. company to implement the Toyota Production System (TPS) in its plants. Larry continued his commitment to implementing Lean by using Lean techniques to turn around facilities at Dana Corporation and United Technologies.   

Larry is a registered Professional Engineer and founded WCM Associates LLC in 1997. WCM Associates LLC (www.wcmfg.com) is a business consulting, training, and publishing company dedicated to making American companies globally competitive through the implementation of Lean/World Class Enterprise. WCM Associates specializes in Lean Manufacturing, Lean Construction, Lean Healthcare, and Lean Service. 

Larry frequently presents Lean Construction topics to various LCI Chapter and Construction Professional Association meetings, including the topics of Using Lean Value Stream Mapping in Support of Target Value Design, Planning the Lean Construction Implementation, Sustaining Lean, Choosing by Advantages, The Core Lean Tools, and many others.

 Larry has written several widely acclaimed books on Lean, including:

    • Implementing World Class Manufacturing - The Complete Guide, 3rd Edition, co-authored with fellow associates, Mattie Watson and Vince Fayad.
    • How to Prevent Lean Implementation Failures—10 Reasons Why Failures Occur.
    • Policy Deployment and Lean Implementation Planning—10 Step Roadmap to Successful Policy Deployment Using Lean as a System,   co-authored with fellow associate, Vince Fayad.
    • An Introduction to Lean Construction—Applying Lean to Construction Organizations and Processes.

WCM Associates is also recognized for publishing other cutting-edge books on Lean, including the Shingo Prize winning Lean accounting book Who’s Counting? A Lean Accounting Novel, by Jerry Solomon.

Madelyn (Mattie) A. Watson

Mattie has 30 years experience in quality and manufacturing management in aerospace, automotive, and consumer product industries. She has held positions as supervisor, general supervisor, quality engineering manager, product reliability manager, and focus factory plant manager in fortune 500 companies. In these positions, she implemented world class manufacturing techniques and participated in lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, and team development seminars with Tennessee Associates, Toyota, and United Technologies.

Vince Fayad

Vince started his manufacturing career in Detroit as a Journeyman Tool & Die maker and now has over forty years of manufacturing experience. He has worked extensively in the automotive, aerospace, and fluid technology industries. At one point, Vince had P&L responsibility for two foundries (steel and iron), three machine shops, and two assembly operations. He started his continuous improvement journey in 1986 when he attended the Crosby Quality College. More recently, Vince had total responsibility for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma throughout ITT Industries, a $6.5 billion dollar company with over 45,000 people world-wide. During this time, ITT's stock went from $24 a share to over $100 a share. Vince has been given credit for putting ITT's President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board (Lou Giuliano) on the front cover of Industry Week. Vince earned the Ring of Quality for his efforts (the Ring of Quality is one of oldest and most prestigious Quality Award in industry today).


Albert Lettman

Albert Lettman

Albert has over 18 years of Operational experience with a number of fortune 500 companies in the Printing and Automotive industries in North America and Europe. Positions held included: Director of Continuous Improvement, Director of Quality and Process Improvement, Corporate Manager of Continuous Improvement, Divisional Quality Manager and Research Fellow. In addition, Albert consults and teaches Lean Enterprise courses nationally as well as ISO 9000/Malcolm Baldridge assessment and Six Sigma. Albert has consulted with clients in the Automotive Industry, Printing, Paper manufacturing, Window and Door manufacturing and Pump Industry. Albert has also published refereed articles on Advance Manufacturing Technology and the impact it has on making a company competitive. He earned a MSc. in Technology Management from the Sterling University, Scotland and an MBA in Organizational Change Management from the University of Glasgow.