An Introduction to Lean Construction - Applying Lean to Construction Organizations and Processes



By Larry Rubrich

This book is of tremendous value to any construction professional that has been exposed to Lean, to any companies that have already undertaken a Lean Journey, or to those that are contemplating doing so. It is not a magic tome that provides all of the answers; nor is it a full instruction manual detailing how your Lean journey will unfold. Its purpose is not intended as such. What this book does is provide insight into what lies ahead of any company that is ready to commit to the transformation into a World-Class organization. Larry brings to the table a unique perspective; one that is pervasive in this book. While his background is in manufacturing, his thoughts and astute observations regarding Lean construction are beyond the usual mulling and instruction. What sets this book apart why it is truly unique is its wholly organizational focus. It brings three concepts together (Policy Deployment, Core Lean Tools, and Lean Construction Tools) into one all encompassing culture. As Larry points out clearly in these pages, few organizations that merely implement lean tools realize significant or sustained improvements. In order for a company to truly reinvent itself as a world-class organization, Lean must permeate and grow from within its very culture. While Lean operating principles have been gathering the attention of American businesses since the 1980 s, construction has yet to truly embrace the idea. Why has construction not yet come to realize that the way we deliver projects is an old, fragmented process? Is Lean the next evolution of the industry? Will Lean Construction, despite the current economic pressures to commoditize the delivery, come to thrive? Based on what Larry shares within these pages, we as constructors/buyers of construction services can't afford not to take a serious look.

Spiral Bound, 276 Pages 

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