Lean Construction

What is Lean Construction?

Lean Construction is a business strategy, a way of running your organization, and a set of tools and techniques that can continuously improve:
  • Safety, Quality, Productivity, and Project Delivery
While Reducing:
  • Project Lead Times and Costs
Lean Construction is a “system” that is  designed to maximize owner/customer value through the elimination  of anything that does not add value—waste.  This system is implemented through the training, empowerment, and participation of the entire workforce. 
The goal of Lean Construction is to improve and grow the business by being competitive in supplying value to the owner/customer through the elimination of waste.   

The 8 Types of Construction Waste  

      1. Scrap/Rework/Defects/Reconciliations
      2. Transportation—Material or Information Handling
      3. Motion
      4. Waiting/Delays
      5. Inventory
      6. Over-Production
      7. Over-Processing
      8. Underutilized Human Resources

    The Tools of Lean Construction

    Lean Construction utilizes many of the standard Lean tools, but also tools in the “Lean Construction Gang Box” , which includes tools principally used in construction environments.

     Standard Lean Tools: 

    • 5S’s
    • Teams
    • Standard Work
    • Value Stream Maps
    • A3 Problem Solving     
    • Error Proofing
    • Office Cells
    • Kanbans
    For Shops:
    • Setup Reduction
    • TPM

    Lean Construction Tools:

    • Integrated Project Delivery
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    • Target Value Design 
    • Choosing By Advantages (CBA)
    • Lean Project Scheduling (PS)

    Results of Lean Implementations

        1. Quality Improvements—from 5% to .01%
        2. Productivity Improvements—50% to 400%
        3. Inventory Reductions—75%
        4. Reduction in Floor Space—30-50%
        5. Setup Time Reduction—70-90%
        6. On-time Deliveries—99%
        7. Lead-Time Reduction—75%

      Lean Construction Training

      WCM Associates LLC offers a Certified Lean Facilitator training program for Construction. The program includes an in-depth understanding of the “standard” Lean Tool Box along with the Lean Construction Gang Box, which covers the tools used principally in construction environments. The goal of this program is to allow Construction organizations to develop in-house Lean Construction experts so they do not have to rely on consultants for the long term. For companies to implement and integrate Lean as a system in their organization, they must “own” Lean. 

      Also, our latest book An Introduction to Lean Construction will give you all the tools you need to start on your Lean Construction Journey.

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