WCM Associates - About Us

WCM Associates LLC is dedicated to helping organizations become globally competitive through the implementation of Lean as a business system. WCM Associates’ publishing arm supports this activity by publishing leading-edge books in the development of Lean. 

Some general information about WCM Associates, LLC:

    • The principals of WCM Associates having been implementing Lean since before it was called “Lean.” Back in the late ‘80s, it was termed “World Class Manufacturing”, and was entirely based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). 
    • WCM Associates offers training and consulting in Manufacturing, and in diverse industries such as: 

    *  Healthcare

    *  Education

    *  Construction

    *  Other service industries

    • Our strategy is to teach you how to fish, rather than to just give you a fish. Early on in our relationship with clients, we develop a WCM Associates exit strategy and therefore our clients do not become dependent on us for their Lean activities. As part of this strategy, all of our training materials are available to our clients.
    • Unlike many of WCM Associates' competitors, we will not tell you that implementing Lean and becoming a World Class Enterprise is solely about our consultants helping you do kaizen events—it is about deploying lean as the method by which you run your business.

      Our work is guaranteed.

      If a client is unhappy with any activity that is performed, the client does not have to pay.