Getting Lean - An Introduction to Lean Business Practices in the Form of an Entertaining Novel




by Jerry Feingold

The second book in the "Making Companies Globally Competitive Series", Getting Lean introduces lean business concepts and practices in a readable, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow format. Written in the form of an entertaining novel, Getting Lean draws on real world experiences to show readers the steps to creating a Lean Enterprise. 

Hardback, 245 Pages

Praise for Getting Lean
"This book isn't just theory. Jerry's experience has allowed him to create a practical, readable, and easy to follow do-it-yourself toolkit for creating a total lean enterprise. Jerry shows you what Lean really means and gives you everything you need to start implementing Lean principles in your business NOW."
Ken Molinelli, Director
Supply Chain Management Processes, Siemens Energy and Automation

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