Accounting for World Class Operations - A Practical Guide for Providing Relevant Information in Support of the Lean Enterprise


by Jerry Solomon and Rosemary Fullerton


Having an appropriate accounting system in place is vital to the Lean process. Firms need performance measurements that reflect the benefits of change made from implementing Lean practices. Too often those benefits are hidden in outdated accounting reports filled with indecipherable, archaic jargon. The need for a clearer, simpler, more strategic performance measurement system in Lean companies is long past due. Leadership needs a practical guide that will provide a roadmap for beneficial accounting change and confidence to achieve global competitiveness.
Solomon and Fullerton present that roadmap in this unique and timely book. Their clear and concise writing take the mystery and fear out of a Lean accounting conversion. This book offers encouragement and guidance for moving from a traditional standard cost system to a simple accounting system that provides appropriate information for a Lean manufacturing environment. Their case examples from real-world experiences of successful accounting changes that support Lean conversions are insightful for those wanting reassurance and direction.

Hardback, 272 Pages

Category: accounting, books

Type: Book

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