Push/Pull Factory Simulation (Box Game)


The Push/Pull Simulation (box game) is an enlightening demonstration of the benefits of one-piece flow pull production and the use of processing cells versus traditional push/batch production. It can be used to compare push versus pull production for either “information product” production in the office or “physical product” production in the factory.

The game compares batch or push production techniques to one-piece pull production using processing cells. It shows how teamwork, 5S, quality, and productivity improve with pull production while reducing WIP inventory, rework, product lead-time and the floor space required. It also illustrates how Setup Reduction and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) are prerequisites for pull production.

The game requires that you set up a 20'x20' production area with four folding tables (or equivalent) and requires 7 people to run the simulation. The simulation assembles a product (6"x3"x3" foam box) that can be equated to the office processing of an information product. Three different ways to run production are compared (Push 6, Pull 6, and Pull 1). The game takes about 1.75 hours to complete. Includes an instructional video on DVD.

Foam can be reused over and over again!


Category: simulation

Type: Simulation

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