Policy Deployment & Lean Implementation Planning: 10 Step Roadmap to Successful Policy Deployment Using Lean as a System: Development Workbook with CD




By Larry Rubrich and Vince Fayad

The most powerful Lean book you will ever own!

For years in its annual report on American Manufacturing, Industry Week magazine has reported that roughly 75% of companies using Lean as their business improvement activity have reported little, if any, progress. Lean, in the hands of an organization's associates, can make any required improvement or solve any business problem. So why are 75% of organizations using Lean showing such little progress, when properly implemented Lean activities can show significant progress in the first year? The answer is that business organizations are not "closing the loop" between their business strategies, plans, budgets, and Lean as the system to make the plans a reality. When these businesses are asked how they are performing against their strategies, plans, or budget, the answer is often, "This is what we hope to achieve." As Vince would say, "Hope is not a strategy!"  Our new step-by-step workbook will show you how to close the loop between your business plans and your lean activities and maximize the success of your organization using Lean as a System for making improvements.

In our book, we discuss and walk through the following 10 Steps to Policy Deployment using Lean as a System:

  1.  Mission & behavioral expectations
  2.  Organization's goals (i.e Safety, Operating Income, Cash Flow, Revenue, ROIC, etc)
  3.  Brainstorm opportunities to achieve goals
  4.  Define parameters to value opportunities
  5.  Weight and prioritize opportunities
  6.  Conduct a reality check
  7.  Develop Lean Implementation plan
  8.  Cascade company goals into operational metrics & develop "Bowling" chart
  9.  Problem solving, error proofing & counter measures
  10.  Deployment follow up--How to conduct monthly business reviews

Our easy to follow workbook also contains sample spreadsheets on CD that will allow you to customize our 10 Step process to your unique organization. These Steps are "game changers" for your organization's Lean implementation and can be the difference between the failure or success of your Lean activities. This groundbreaking new book is the key to using Lean as a system and will ensure that you are using Lean to its maximum potential.

Spiral Bound Workbook with CD, 210 Pages


Testimonials about our process:
"In 2007, WCM Associates (Vince Fayad) introduced the Policy Deployment and Lean Implementation Planning (LIP) tool to our company. Today, LIP is widely used and accepted across our business as a road map for planning and implementing a variety of process and cost improvements programs throughout the year. We now enter each calendar year with a pre-defined plan of scheduled lean events that has resulted in our company achieving millions of dollars in annual costs savings."
David L. Trax, Corporate SVP Operations and Supply Chain, Norwood Promotional Products
"My first attempt to incorporate Lean Manufacturing techniques was in 1995. I tried to incorporate work cells into our operation. This worked well with the first cell because I had handpicked my best people. The next cell wasn't so successful.  So I retreated and was gun shy to try this effort again. Eight years later I was ready again because I learned where I went wrong. The Business Planning and Lean methodologies as outlined in this book have given me the tools to lead the company to a higher level. It has given my people the skills and confidence to analyze, solve problems, and implement decisions using business tools and create business cases. I can only imagine what a different company we would be today if I had more knowledge of how to integrate Lean with our business plans eight years ago."

Thomas Dahbura, Vice President Operations, Hub Labels, Inc


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