Team Building

Develop from work groups into effective decision-making teams 

This full day session, for associates at any level in the organization, addresses how groups form into effective decision-making teams. The program provides the participant with a basic understanding of team dynamics, how teams positively impact productivity, and the impact of effective communication in a team environment. The session includes applying the course material in a team building exercise.

Pre-requisite: Lean Overview must be taken prior to attending Team Building. 

Course Content Includes: 

  • The benefits of teams for both companies and individuals
  • The definition of a “team”
  • The three types of teams
  • The four stages of team development
  • Identifying participant’s Team Player Style
  • Skills for:
    1. Developing communication
    2. Conducting effective meetings
    3. Identifying team roles and responsibilities
    4. Resolving conflicts
    5. Establishing team guidelines
    6. Establishing team mission and goals
    7. Making group decisions
  • Use of Visual Communication 

Upon completion of the Team Building session, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the four requirements for teamwork to occur
  • Describe how teams increase productivity
  • Define the characteristics of an effective team
  • Communicate with team members more effectively
  • Generate and use a meeting agenda
  • Help team members establish guidelines for team behaviors
  • Understand the Plan – Do – Check – Act model
  • Understand the evolution of self-directed work teams