Process Cells

The lean tool for attaining one-piece flow

This full day session, for associates at any level in the organization, compares traditional process layouts with cells and defines how cells accelerate your organization’s waste reduction goals.  Participants will receive exposure to the tools, thought processes, and support systems required to design and implement one-piece flow.  This includes understanding and calculating takt time and standardizing work procedures.  Product selection and grouping for work cells is also discussed.  The session concludes with a simulation where participants assess a given process layout, redesigning the work site to improve productivity and eliminate waste. 

Pre-requisite: Lean Overview must be taken prior to attending Process Cells.

Course Content Includes:

  • What is a cell?
  • Problems with traditional layouts
  • How cells eliminate waste and improve process flow
  • Cell prerequisites
  • Product grouping analysis
  • Production capacity by process and cell loading analysis
  • Cell design and layout
  • The elements of standard operations
  • The relationship between takt time and cycle time
  • Optimum cell staffing calculation
  • Cell layout simulation

 Upon completion of the Process Cells session, participants will be able to:

  •  Determine product families that qualify for a Process Cell layout
  • Determine production capacity by process
  • Analyze cell loading based on customer requirements
  • Design an effective cell
  • Calculate takt time and balance work based on customer requirements
  • Complete a Standard Work Sequence Sheet
  • Calculate the optimum cell staffing based on takt and manual cycle times
  • Understand the need for standard operations in the cell