Presentation Skills

 Develop communication and training skills necessary for leading Lean.


This half day session is only for Certified Lean Facilitator candidates.  Participants will receive a handout in Week 1 which will help them prepare a 5-10 minute presentation on a Lean topic in Week 3 of the training.  Class time is used only for observing and providing feedback on the presentations of the other participants and making presentations.  

Pre-requisite: Lean Overview must be taken prior to attending Presentation Skills. 

Presentations Should Include: 

  • A 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation meeting the guidelines in the Presentation Skills handout
  • Visual aids such as handouts, flip charts, or props 

Upon completion of their Presentations, participants will be able to: 

  • Use stories and examples to support the message in the material
  • Create visually interesting and concise PowerPoint presentations
  • Develop user-friendly handouts
  • Effectively use props to enhance the material
  • Control nervous jitters prior to and during the presentation