Lean Overview

Making companies globally competitive!

This full day session, for associates at any level in the organization, is the beginning of your organization’s lean journey toward world-class and provides the answers to your questions about Lean.  This new approach to thinking and learning supports the condition we hope for: creating a vibrant, healthy, competitive, world class organization that optimizes people, processes, and resources to succeed globally and build wealth for stakeholders.  This is a quantum leap in the application of Lean training and methodology; don’t just be lean – be vibrant, healthy, and fit. 

NOTE:  This session is the pre-requisite for all WCM Lean Courses

Course Content Includes:

  • What is Lean Enterprise?
  • The global economy business model
  • Definition of customer satisfaction
  • Definition of waste and value added
  • The eight general types of business waste
  • How implementing Lean improves productivity
  • Distinguishing features of a Lean Enterprise
  • Typical WCE implementation results
  • Definition and description of the Lean Tools
  • A simulation comparing batch/push production versus Lean flow production

Upon completion of the Lean Manufacturing Overview session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and define the principles of Lean
  • Recognize specific wastes in their work environment
  • Define the lean tools available to industry
  • Determine which specific lean tools positively impact various organizational metrics
  • Define how the participant can implement Lean in their own organization
  • Understand how Lean methodology supports their business objectives