Error Proofing

Involving everyone in continuous improvement


This half day session, designed for associates at all levels in the organization, addresses the need to prevent defects rather than correcting them after they have occurred.  The program provides participants with a complete understanding of what error proofing is, how it is used as an improvement strategy to achieve customer satisfaction, and how to analyze a problem for error proofing potential.  Development of problem solutions that ensure the problem will not return is stressed. 

Pre-requisite: Lean Overview and Problem Solving Tools must be taken prior to attending Error Proofing.

Course Content Includes: 

  • The definition of error proofing
  • Evolution of error proofing techniques
  • Traditional Detection versus Source Inspection
  • DFMA Process and Methods
  • Red Flag considerations
  • Examples of Successful Applications
  • Eight principals to Error Proofing improvement
  • An Error Proofing Simulation 

Upon completion of the Error Proofing session, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the advantages of error prevention
  • Understand the evolution of the error proofing philosophy
  • Describe the relationship between mistakes and defects
  • Evaluate the potential for error proofing specific problems
  • Understand the impact of failing to develop error proofed solutions on customer satisfaction
  • Apply problem solving tools to error proof a real problem