Advanced Team Building

This full day session, designed for team leaders and team facilitators, addresses how to effectively handle common team problems.  This program provides a deeper understanding of team dynamics, tools for conducting effective meetings, and techniques for handling problem behaviors, particularly in the context of a Lean Enterprise implementation.  The session incorporates application of specific skills to encourage immediate reinforcement of the topics. 

Pre-requisite:  Lean Overview and Team Building must be taken prior to attending Advanced Team Building. 

Course Content Includes: 

  • The ten types of problem team behaviors
  • Identifying and eliminating the seven meeting robber behaviors
  • The thirteen steps for conducting effective meetings
  • The five skills of non-defensive communication
  • The eight main causes of conflict
  • The six steps of mediating conflict between two people
  • The effective use of questions
  • Observing non-verbal messages 

Upon completion of the Advanced Team Building session, participants will be able to: 

  • Effectively use “I” statements
  • Identify and help team members eliminate “killer phrases”
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Communicate non-defensively
  • Address team member problem behaviors
  • Help team members resolve conflicts
  • Ask effective questions to help the team make progress