Improve safety, cleanliness, and organization in your workplace! 

This full day session, for associates at any level in the organization, is designed for participants to learn why 5S is the foundation of Lean principals. This foundation of employee involvement builds excitement for the change process in your organization.  More than just a “quick fix,” proper 5S/Visual Enterprise implementation leads to pride in the workplace while sustaining the improvements for cleanliness, organization, and safety. The entire 5S/Visual Enterpriseprocess is covered in this module, from initial communication to all employees through implementation and process auditing.

Pre-requisite: Overview of Lean must be taken prior to attending 5S/Visual Enterprise.

Course Content Includes: 

  • 5S – paving the approach
  • Where does 5S apply
  • How 5S improves the workplace
  • Origin of the 5S’s
  • Definition and application of:
    1. Sort
    2. Straighten/Set In Order
    3. Sweep/Shine
    4. Schedule/Standardize
    5. Sustain
  • Visual controls and production boards
  • 5S and visual controls in the office
  • A 5S simulation

 Upon completion of the 5S/Visual Enterprise session, participants will be able to:

  • Define the 5S’s
  • Use Red Tags to identify unneeded items in their workplaces
  • Apply 5S techniques to layout a work area
  • Use visual signals to speed the decision making process
  • Link 5S activities to bottom line measurements