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Value Stream & Process Mapping Book

This book has helpful tips on facilitating group VSM exercises and helps put VSM in the greater Lean context. With photos and examples of related Lean practices the book focuses on implementing VSM, not just drawing diagrams and graphs. With the recent publicity about Value Stream Mapping, many seem to imagine it as another magical answer for all manufacturing problems.  In this book we recognize the benefits as well as the limitations to mapping.  160 Pages

ISBN 978-1-897363-43-0

List Price $47.00

5+= $37.60

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Item # 905

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Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Value Stream Mapping Poster

Suitable for plant walls, team rooms, and training rooms, these posters can help educate, or reinforce existing knowledge, of World Class/Lean Manufacturing.

Each poster is a complete summary of how to implement one of the tools or techniques of World Class/Lean Enterprise.

Posters are available in two styles:

- Glossy, unmounted (Perfect for Framing!)

- Laminated, mounted to a 3/16" foamboard

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All of our posters come with a money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, send them back and we will refund the purchase price, less S&H.



Glossy Posters

$39.00 Each

Laminated/Mounted Posters $73.00 Each

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Glossy Posters - Set of 13


Laminated/Mounted - Set of 13



Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Value Stream Mapping Kit

Contains everything you need to facilitate successful Value Stream Mapping events.  

Kit Contains:


1 Roll of SmartSheets® Dry Erase Sheets (40 Sheets)

(Available separately, Item #112SC, $35/Roll)

Use to draw a neat, clean Value Stream Map almost anywhere and easily make changes as necessary.

2 Packages of Process Box Sticky Notes


Makes VSM easier, neater, and more visual.  Easily positioned and repositioned, these 5"x8" notes can be easily read by the entire team as the map is developed to insure good feedback and participation.

1 Package (50 notes) of Cloud Burst Sticky Notes. Neon Orange.(Available separately, Item 112SB, $2.00/Pack)

Used to denote areas of improvement.
5 Participant Sheets with Icons Can be used by each participant to draw their own value stream map.  Lists the VSM icons for easy reference.
4 Pack of Multi-Color Dry Erase Markers  
2 Super Sharpie© markers  
1 Roll of Masking Tape  



Kit Price - $83.00

Item# 11257

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Mapping Your Value Stream DVD

This program explains how Value Stream Mapping can be used to find waste in your production system. It starts by discussing the problems associated with a mass production philosophy. Dr. James Womack, President of the Lean Enterprise Institute shares some of his experiences with mapping and what kind of reaction most people have when they learn to see waste within their operation. The three types of information needed to build a value stream map are explained along with an explanation of how the timeline calculation at the bottom of the map highlights excessive inventories. An in-depth example of value stream mapping is shown at the Donnelly Corporation. This automotive supplier made major improvements in quality and delivery by using value stream mapping to help focus improvement efforts in the right areas. Several different future state icons are explained in detail to show how lean techniques such as kanban, flow, and supermarkets operate in real world conditions.

Produced By: Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2001





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